Things to Remember…

There was once a planet on which the supreme creatures were in slavery to an invisible power, which originally controlled them by continually reminding them of their captivity.   Eventually it streamlined the operation, and accomplished the same end by making the subjugated creature constantly talk to themselves.  It didn’t matter about what; just as long as their mind kept up a running line of chatter, they stayed in line.

Man is on an ocean liner the size of the universe, which seems to have a direction, intelligence, and destination of its own, with each individual floundering around in his own little on-deck-pool, while trying to pretend that he does also.

The mind cuts us in two. 
Who can un-do the deed
and put us back together
other than the perpetrator?

Those not desirous of awakening, want to sleep as soundly as possible; leave them alone.

Those who catch on – don’t let on.


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