What the Mind Talks About

It is not the ideas coming from other men’s minds that annoy you – it is your mind’s meaningless, automatic, and totally impersonal reactions to them.

No one really cares if another human is Muslim, or Christian; Liberal, or Conservative; Freudian, or Jungian – no one gives a rat’s ass!  They certainly pretend to, (but you should say): “Their MIND pretends to,” for no other feature of man ever pretends to be interested in anything in which it instinctively is not.

If you know of no condition in your head, other than the normal one of the mind you were born with occupying all the space devoted to consciousness, then you have no choice whatsoever but to accept the preferences that your mind automatically expresses, and will always express about the minds of others.  Thus will never ending dissatisfaction in yours be assured.

Quite tricky to see, but undeniably so once seen, is the fact that other than for your mind, nothing it says that you believe is of any interest at all to any other part of you. 

The rest of you, (if it paid any attention to it), would find what your mind talks about as being important in life to be utter bullshit.


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