Everything Becomes Clear

Here is a simple, thumb-tack fact – which the few can keep in their shoe – which will eventually cause them to distinguish between wheat and the memory of the smell of bread.  Just hold this thought in that vacant corner of your mind: “There is nothing the mind can say about itself that is meaningful. There is nothing the mind can say about itself that is meaningful.”   Nothing it can EVER say – nothing that is in any WAY – meaningful.

This is not a theory; this is not speculation, it is fact, and one that cannot be directly perceived by the mind.  Ergo the, (shall we say), difficulty, somewhat, in accomplishing what the few unbeknowingly set out to do (make the mind change itself).

No man’s mind knows, or has ever known, anything meaningful about itself.  If this uncontrollably rankles you – you may well suffer from untreatable rankling.

The rest of you are not so doomed.  Try it, just hold in mind the statement that: “The mind can never say anything meaningful about itself,” and eventually – it’ll hit you; it’ll suddenly be clear, what that means.

Then everything becomes clear.


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