Listen Through the Noise

If your mind is not concentrating on some physical, survival-pertinent problem, the noise you hear it making – even though it sounds like words – is its version of the heart’s “thump-a-dee- thump-a-dee thump” and nothing more significant than that.

Six billion men, women and children on planet Earth, (+ or -), take no particular notice of this natural neural situation.  Even if it is momentarily brought to their attention, their attitude is: “So?

The mind’s spare-time, entertaining of itself is primarily involved with the criticizing of the entertainment engaged in by other men’s minds. Thus, the difficulty is in finally realizing that what troubles your head is in your head, rather than, “out there,” in other people’s heads.

Men’s minds complain about the annoying noises produced by other men’s annoying minds, while never recognizing the simple facts of what is going on all around them – and all inside them.

Real, useful information is being exchanged constantly throughout the universe, and throughout a man’s life and personal environment.  But, unless he learns to listen through the noise in his own head – he’ll miss it.


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