The Drive-By Life

Stories From Around The World, And Down Your Street.


Under routine conditions men’s consciousness of life is as though it is a drive-by-incident of which they just happen to be an observer, (and sometime participant).  Their best knowledge is based on little more than brief, periodic glances given to life as it passes by.

If you are not in that real time, special state, whereby your brain’s conscious attention is under its own conscious control, you are simply a nervous system whose responses are strictly unconscious and non-personal.  There is no you in you – only animal instinct; you are not fully human. 

The brain has a hand – use it.


All those who decide to look for the understanding, commence convinced that the first step is to quieten their yapping dog.  Most never pass this frustrating stage.


Those who adopt a system to aid in their search soon come to see the territory they trod as being one of: Bi-lateral Potential.  They are either in their ordinary state of mind, or else in a more alert one, and they constantly shift from one to the other.  They are dozing, then realize it, and pop into the more alert state where they stay for a moment, then literally “before-they-know-It,” they are back in the ordinary, distracted state, until once again they finally realize it, and in so doing, suddenly are back in the more alert state once again, and so on, over and over to eternity.


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