Facts are Nouns

Conceiving of himself so is the norm for man, but the norm for man is also to not understand man.  To be a sane, civilized and ordinary person, is to believe in your “mind” that your mind is the source of the thoughts that appear there, and that you have at least, potential control there over, and that, by and large, a civilized, fully socialized, and intelligent man is composed of: what he thinks

Indeed, to the contrary, those who appear to live merely on the basis of how they “feel” are exemplars of being un-civilized, unreflective of consequences, and unfit for human companionship.  This worldwide mental view that life imposes on man, through his feelings; into his consciousness, and out his mind, obscures the easily observable fact that:  how a man feels determines the thoughts in his mind, (regardless that the mind may forever say otherwise).

Only those who see this for themselves can make use thereof.  It is no good as a theory, not even as an accepted, “fact.” Facts are nounslife is a verb.  The fact that, “the thoughts you have are determined by how you feel,” is not a fact at all – it is not a noun – its reality is a verb, and this reality cannot be captured by the mind, a creature that can only catch nouns.

Can you see it?  Do you catch on?  The operational reality of the situation turns out to be:  a creature is created that can only snare other creatures that it itself has created.

                           An imaginary storage area for imaginary goods


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