Life Remains a Verb

What makes it apparently possible at all for men to conceive of the otherwise inconceivability of life in toto, is their measuring of it in mental chunks that consciousness chips away from its unified entirety.   From this same operation originates his mental confusion as to what life is about.  What makes men able to think about life is also what causes them to question their thinking about it.

This unique talent begins-with and depends-on the ceaseless operation of consciousness, (a verb), creating in itself the fiction of a more fixed, and stable, “mind”, (a noun).  By this ploy consciousness can speak to itself about itself in the third person, and treat “mind” as a something that is more comparably solid, and as subject to alteration as any other “object.” 

Thus, unwittingly does consciousness assume a kind of paternal verbal attitude toward, “the mind,” even akin to that of a scientific researcher toward a lab animal.  Establishing this fictional, objectified counterpart of itself – within itself – makes possible all manner of things physically beneficial,  but also has a specific intangible aspect that ultimately interferes with a direct understanding of what is going on in life and in consciousness, (in case you happen to be one of the few, really interested in such things.)

By consciousness conjuring up the illusion of the brain having this thing – the mind, and by the mind’s subsequent cutting up of seamless reality into these discreet other things – thoughts, is man able to make relative, mental sense of life.  Also from this arises men’s conception of their true individuality consisting of the core OF their thinking.

Consciousness further employs this expedient illusion to make men believe that what they think is dependent on their state-of-mind, rather than on how-they-feel,  (which is how it really is).


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