A Taste of Understanding

The fictionalized version of itself that consciousness has created to deal with life, on a practical, tangible basis, does not deal in understanding things, which is unified sight, as opposed to “thinking” about things, which is fragmented.

Seeing life as a noun makes possible man’s alterations of physical conditions to his benefit. Seeing life as a noun makes impossible a man’s understanding thereof.

Life is the only living thing that can be cut up, and still live – which is because its cutting up is just a convenient illusion.   (Convenient to the many; bad news for the few, and, “bad news” only if never realized.)

If you want a taste of understanding, for one entire day take everything your mind thinks about as being a “something” – a “thing” that has a name as a noun, and make your mind take away its status as a noun and picture it as a verb – an activity – which IS what it actually is, regardless of how accustomed you and the world are to thinking and speaking of it otherwise. Do this faithfully for just one day, and before it is over, you will get a glimpse of something that your mind has never suspected, but which your consciousness has always understood.

                    If you are truly one of the few – this is what you’re after.


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