A man who wants to see and understand more than the rest of the herd, need but remove his thinking from this mass game of make believe.  If you are, to-this-thing-born, with but slight effort you can recognize that the increasingly ubiquitous, collectively important world of non-material matters, (that so hold man’s attention), is entirely a realm of make believe.  Thus, as concerns it – there is nothing TO know – other than the plain and simple fact that the whole thing is a secretly agreed-upon, silent conspiracy to pretend otherwise.

Those who want the understanding, but who have yet to taste it, think that having it fills a man to the brink with knowledge – secret, special, extraordinary, metaphysical, mysterious knowledge about everything.

Do you know that a rock is a rock?
Do you know where Santa Claus was born?
If you understand what the only truthful responses to those two questions are, and you could stop pretending later that you do not, you have the understanding.  (It would simply need a period of aging in your barrel to stabilize and become permanent.)

If for some reason, a man with the understanding were to momentarily weaken, and give a response, his only one would ever be:

                                             “I don’t know.” 

The world’s only truthful response: the four words that define Liberation.  Finally – freedom from a captivity of meaningless pretense.


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