What the Collective Knows

For man’s continued, needed interest, and participation in non-material activities, he must pretend to not know the reality of what is going on.  Thus, do all men lie when, regardless of their intention or awareness, they say that they know anything about ANYTHING that cannot be physically handled.  (It is only by an unspoken, life-imposed, conspiratorial agreement that men collectively pretend to not know this.) 

You cannot lie about something that does not physically exist.  Your “lie,” (about whatever it is), simply becomes a new feature of its pretend-reality.  This is the only way an imaginary world can grow.

To properly fit into the collective-of-humanity, there are several rules you must follow:

You must want to know, and you must say that non-material matters that men can think about have a real existence, and can be known about with varying degrees of accuracy.

You must say that you do know some things, and want to know more.

You must say that the things you do know about, you know about accurately – and that anything anyone else says that they know about the subject that does not agree with your knowing of it – is a knowing on their part that is incorrect and invalid. 

All in all, to be a player, you must pretend to believe that what the knowing men say they can only talk about, but never touch, is a knowing that, itself, is real and substantial.  You can’t merely agree that Santa Claus exists.  You must insist, that all tellings of his story be done with a strict fidelity to the facts of his life. 


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