Only Consciousness Talks About Consciousness

What is of unaccountable benefit for a person seeking the understanding is a clear personal realization that:  you are a combination of what-you-are, and what-you-think-you-are…and that what-you-are equals how-you-feel, and how-you-feel is what-you-areWhat-you-are equals what-you-think-you-are, and what-you-think-you-are has nothing at all to do with how you feel.

Just because you have had real glimpses of what is actually going on in life does not mean that temporary indigestion cannot render you again, blind and ill tempered.  (Which, put more accurately, would be to say, “Allow you again to BE your naturally blind, and ill-tempered self.”)

He who says, “I could not help myself,” is a fool;
He who says: “I could have acted otherwise,” is the fool’s twin.

Only consciousness talks about consciousness, and if it knew anything in the least worthwhile about itself, would you not have had the answers to everything ten years ago?   Everyone would have…but no one does, (leastwise none of those who say that they are, this-kind-of-person, or that-kind-of-person.  The voice in a man which makes such statements has no more idea whatkind of person the man really is than it does of what’s beyond the edge of the universe.)

Don’t keep hanging out, and listening to idiots.  You see where it has gotten you thus far. No profit in being upset by them either; just give up political news and pick up on Mozart; turn off your phone, and turn on Verdi, and above all, quit treating the voice of your own consciousness as though it means anything.  If it really knows anything, and has any potential to help in this curious activity, ask it to explain this one statement for you, “There is only one thing to know, (which is), I only have only one mind, and it knows nothing.”


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