Give the Matter Sufficient Notice

Historically, what the various mystics have referred to as; “being asleep; unenlightened; captive-of-illusion,” is nothing other than the acceptance of a transparent illusion.  But, my god, is it a subtle snare.

(For glaring and gut wrenching instance):

A man earnestly seeking the understanding, should he be predictably harboring a thought such as this:  “Earlier today I was mostly in my ordinary, unenlightened mind, but I eventually became aware of my condition, and now for the moment, I am in my more awakened mind.”  Even though such thinking might seem appropriate for such a person, it is in fact, anything but.

By going along with the inherently, wired-in notion that you have two minds extant – even pondering so in the context of seeking-the-understanding – you are, by so thinking, barring yourself from it.

It is patent nonsense,
if the right person simply takes the time
to give the matter sufficient notice.

To say that you are unenlightened is to BE unenlightened;
To think to yourself that you were earlier in your “wrong” state of mind is to BE in a wrong state of mind.

Is there no way out of this infinite seeming house of mental mirrors? 
Si! And is it not obvious?…(Sure it is.)


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