Solve the Case

The truth of this entire matter can accurately be said in two seconds, though a personally meaningful realization can take decades.  Five words says it all, yet your present thinking will predictably be constructively deaf to the significance and reality: you only have one mind. These 18 letters are the entirety of the understanding; there is nothing beyond this.  These five words are the solution-of-the-case; there is nothing to look for after them.

Everything native to the mind’s operations unequivocally rejects this, and to its normal way of thinking, so too does a lifetime of experience.  But just start constantly repeating to yourself the five words in a tone of inquiry: “I have only one mind.”  Say it over and over again; day and night; indoors, or out; when excited or depressed; when clumsy or agile, and especially when you’re feeling that the mind you’re in is stupid, asleep, and somehow “not the real you.” 

Who else is in you but you?

You know quite well that there is only one of you physically.  There is no doubt that you have only one body, but that you have more than one MIND is a truly astounding notion!  What else can you call it?  The notion is astounding, unbelievable, incomprehensible – impossible!  And yet, such is accepted as personal, daily reality by the other six billion people on this planet.

It certainly seems and feels otherwise, particularly to those with the hunger.  But ask yourself, “How can I have more than one mind?”  You can’t – you don’t, and the investigation of this natural mental conviction that tells you that you do, is the key to unlocking the-mystery.

Solve the case, and at that exact instant you will see: 
“I only have one mind,” 
and you will be much amused over having so long been blind
to that simple, liberating fact.


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