Two Totally Different Minds?

At various times, and diverse places, sleeping mind and awakened mind; everyday mind and Buddha mind; clouded mind and enlightened mind, et al.  There is, in them all, a common notation that man, based on what feels to be undeniable personal experience, has available to him – two totally different minds.

No matter what terms the participants may employ, everyone who seeks the understanding believes that it can only be learned/seen/discovered and realized-by that ”better” of their two minds; the one that first became aware of there being a, great understanding.  What else could a person be expected to think?

Based on the normal operations of human mind, this view is inescapable.  Without assuming same, a person with the hunger could never even get started in their search.  Most of the few who become, in some way, involved in This-kind-of-activity never finally realize the flaw in this view, get free from, and move beyond.  It is a singularly captious inner snare.

If, at this very moment you ask yourself, “Am I not, at certain times, undeniably more conscious, alert and understanding than I am at others? Sometimes is not my mental state little more than one of being asleep with my eyes yet open?  Am I not sometimes stupid beyond belief, while at others, astonishingly insightful?”  And the answer in your mind is, “Yes – unconditionally, and undoubtedly.  Yes. What more is there to say, about it?” 

Lots more!  (Actually, very little more; this whole affair in fact is so simple as to be almost embarrassing!  It’s a good thing you’re human after all, and thus not given to such confessional- emotions.)


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