Two Possibilities-of-Mind

In all instances of one quite familiar, everyday verbalization, everyone understands that the speaker is not saying that he was physically another person when he did the deed about which he now speaks.  No, he is making the case that something inside of him that is not his normal “him” took temporary control of his mind/feelings/personality and body; a momentary mood; an irrepressible urge, but something quite obviously distinct and entirely separate from the “him” now talking about the affair as plainly witnessed by the fact that he is so talking about it in a clinical, if not confessional, manner

The proof of man’s binary nature seems to be in the fact that he can make verbal note thereof.  All of this is an ongoing, natural facet of the life of man.  What is not so natural, or simple, is how this appears, and wants to be played out in those whose lives revolve around the desire to, solve-the-case, and get-the-understanding.

In these people it is, and has for eternity been, a much more specific, personal interpretation of this otherwise commonplace sensation.   Their neural instincts present to them this situation in terms of it being: two manifestations of consciousness; the presence of two different possibilities-of-mind.

When such people first hear of the understanding their immediate response is, “YES!  That’s it! That is plainly what has been bothering me, and what I have been longing for all of this time but never knew what it was until now.  YES!, By gawd! Yes, for sure!”

For such people this is indeed a most grand, and delicious moment, and it instantly, but unnoticed, establishes the unquestioned acceptance that the state of mind present when the discovery was made is the desirable state of mind, and  that any quality of mind or consciousness not afterwards apparently a part thereof, is clearly undesirable.  Thus is firmly planted the unquestioned, and seemingly well-founded belief that man has an ordinary-mind, but also potentially, a most UN-ordinary one.


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