The Joke’s on You

One man who would never say whether he considered himself Awake or not was finally asked by a would-be mouse-trap, “So then, what is the basis for all of your many comments about what an Awake man would or would not do?”  “Guessing,” he replied.

Upon hearing this, a sarcastic bystander said to the man, “I have noticed that you can get yourself out of the tightest seeming mental situations – even those of your own making.  That is REALLY SOME ACCOMPLISHMENT!  You spend your whole life involved in that silly-putty activity of yours, and what do you have to show for it?  Hah, the ability seemingly always to come out on top, verbally-speaking! Hah!” he dismissively concluded.  And the man responded, “You are correct, it is shameful; the talent you perceive that I achieved 
only through great struggle, you exercise effortlessly.” 

And thus again, (from a privately amusing perspective):  those-who-know have cause to envy, those-who-don’t.  Those who do not understand that the world unique to man is one of nothing but guessing, have not a clue as to what is really going on.

 All descriptions of a gingerbread reality are perforce – ginger-breadian.
      There was once a universe whose name was: “The Joke’s On You,” and a few of the people who lived there, (just for fun), turned the joke around.


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