Knowledge is Power

Even if a puppet is forever a puppet, one who recognizes his condition has an understanding of things totally beyond the grasp of one who does not.  Without an objective awareness of the prevailing circumstances, a man does not even have the possibility of undertaking any clandestine efforts to extricate himself from the illusionary reality created by the puppet regime in soul-less control of his perfunctory life.

Here, above all other settings, is where comes alive the reality behind the words: “Knowledge is power.”  In this context, that knowledge of the situation is the only – the ONLY thing that can set you free from a lifetime of imaginary captivity, is that which is perceived by the mind as, “freedom” – the freedom extant under a puppet government.

Even while all may live under unseen, inescapable foreign control, those aware of the situation can then easily keep themselves out of useless conflict, and can privately pursue certain strictly “individual interests” about which the prevailing authority never need know.

Take with your memory this final note:  the only voices men normally hear are those of a puppet government making announcements in service to the commanding authority, though disguised as being for the benefit of the subjugated.  A fish with “the understanding” may still in water be, but he does not metaphorically and mentally drown himself by a meaningless struggle with H2O. Nothing more need a would-be-free citizen know to get directly to work; to achieve his goal: as much internal breathing room, and personal space as the universe allows.

 Anyone who says that they are responsible for the thoughts that appear in their consciousness is a fool;
Anyone who says that they are not responsible for the thoughts that appear in their consciousness is an idiot.


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