Deal Slugs

You can’t sell the deal, and you certainly can’t buy it.  You can’t even give the deal away: “Boomerangs for the Blind,” “Self-Performed Rim-Jobs,” and men in tacky vehicles stopping to ask themselves for directions.

Many who complete the deal then hide it away in mirrors…..there is no other place!  See, the problem is: the deal will never congeal.

If you try to preserve the deal, you lose the deal.  That’s the deal’s whole purpose, to combat dry rot.  Grease the walls of your room – it’ll attract Deal Slugs; harbingers of flies to come.

The deal soars on wings of nothingness, thus those who shout, “There it goes!” see it not. Hint: The deal shuns those who pretend. The only deal is the REAL deal. Why do you think it’s called “the deal”?!
The Deal was never done yesterday, and will never be done tomorrow.  It’s not really possible to say WHEN it is done. By the time anyone says: “Oh, look, it was just done,” they’re way too late.


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