For the deal to show a profit, you must have no thoughts of such.  Working out the actual mechanics of the transaction is all the return you could ever ask for.

The deal can’t be done wrong: only those who’ve yet to do-the-deal think that it can be done incorrectly.

What a lay out – what a meal,
you never completely consume 
the deal.

The difficulty in first seeing the deal is due to it having no beginning, and having no end. If you are in-the-deal you are forever in the middle of the deal.

What a road – what a path;
the deal goes on forever.


If you look somewhere for the deal, you don’t find it, but if you do not look somewhere for it, you will also never find it.  So it’s pretty clear then what is required. 

“Down on the corner of Beale Street, right near my heart, they’re doing-the-deal.”


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