The Cortical Badlands

Compared to the physical world upon which we totally depend for every breath we take and every additional moment we survive, the mentally created world is simply “unreal.”  This is obviously how life wants things presently arranged, as witnessed by the fact that is how they are presently arranged.

This bleeds over into a man’s mental conception of himself, and the same cellular activity (notorious to the cortical badlands), that with a straight face can make men profess to believe in the existence of supernatural beings. 

The cellular activity knows full well that it is concocted, and will also cause a man to believe in a similarly imaginary being that his neurons create and call – “him SELF.”

You are certainly your physical body, along with all of its individual, instinctive temperaments, tastes, and proclivities, but comparably speaking, everything else about you is only what you are coerced into pretending it is.

To “wake up” is to no longer take your thoughts’ pretending – seriously.  The second reality of mankind’s mentally based pastimes is taken seriously only by the dead and those who are working on it.

If you accept the mechanical mental sensation of your thoughts, views and opinions as being the center and focal point of reality, then forever will you snooze and dream, and forever will you be confused, uncertain, and thoroughly dissatisfied with you and everyone else. 

But hey, that’s okay – just look around – it’s okay with everybody else…is it “okay” by you?


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