No Beginning, No End

There is no beginning and there is no end, and whether you understand this or not is the difference between seeing life as if in a dream, and seeing it as it is. 

Once you know, you also realize that life is arranged so that it is almost impossible for a man TO know, regardless of his desire to do so.


What can a man who knows tell others? 

Knowing is the only kind of knowing in which men who do not know, do not know, whether they know or not.  When a man does not know how an internal combustion engine works, he knows that he does not know.  But when a man does not know the knowing, he cannot tell whether he knows or not.  Only those who know can make this distinction…and they do not talk about knowing…they have forgotten the distinction – and THAT is the real knowing.


What is the difference between a sunny day, and a sad day?
That’s right: the mechanism of your answering the question.


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