Questions about Knowing

Questions Regarding “Knowing” That Are Never Asked, Along with Certain Answers On The Subject that Few Asked To Hear…so HERE! 

 What is actual Knowing?

The knowing that can be talked about is not the actual knowing.
(One guy’s method and motto: “Don’t stare – don’t compare.”)

What Are The Two Approaches?
Empty Pockets or Carrying A Stone.
Either pockets full of serious nothingness, or
Nothingness finally emptied of all pretense.
(Question: To what can you compare, “nothingness”?)

What leads to the need to Know?

 The fewer the physical demands of your life, 
the greater you feel the need to know.
You can’t clear your mind on a full stomach,
or focus your attention right after sex. 

The Never Asked Question Concerning The Ultimate Role Playing: 

“What is the motivation?  What is the motivation for me thinking the thought I am now thinking and feeling?”  (Dirtier and more poignant still: “What is the motivation for me playing the character I am presently pretending to be?”)   
He who knows the answer to the question: “Motivation?” knows it all. 


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