The Prosecuting Attorney and the Honest Citizen

The few who actively try to solve this case feel the effects of being both the Prosecuting Attorney, and the Honest Citizen more poignantly than their peers, and this ostensible inner dichotomy, (known under various names), is in fact what fuels their investigation.

Historically, the most commonly talked about approaches to solving THE CASE, answering THE QUESTION, and unraveling THE GREAT MYSTERY, have been: stopping-thought; self-remembering, and, being-mindful – all being the same thing, and all being unrecognized descriptions of the place where at the assumed crime is being continually committed.  But they are not the solution to the mystery, nor the answer to the question – understanding their essence and presence IS.

The Understanding that blows the case wide open is this: there are not two different people in your mind, feelings, brain, or anywhere else.  The Prosecuting Attorney, and the Honest Citizen are the same person – you.  They take turns being you.  This is what supports the sensation of them being two separate people.

Why has it not struck you as curious that they never appear together at the same time?  The Prosecutor always arrives just as the Citizen has fled, and the latter only returns after the former departs.

What is there to stop thought, but thought;
what is there to remember self, but self,
and what is there to be mindful, but mind?

The case is so slippery that vasoline was named for it, ‘cause if you try to explain all of this to the Prosecutor, (when he is present), he can understand what the words are describing, yet the concept completely baffles him, and if you tell the Citizen that he and the Prosecutor are the same person, he can only shake his head in amazement that such an obviously insane idea is being seriously submitted to him.


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