Grasp the Situation

You will never get to the bottom of this well without you coming to an objective knowledge of the land around the well.  ”Why is this well here?  Why is it exactly here?  Why do I want to see to its bottom?  What’s the motivation?  Why does such a simple seeming task prove so difficult?”

If you consider these questions and your inability to adequately respond, you should then be up to the job of admitting to yourself that which is undeniable – that you do not KNOW what the problem is; you do not have any genuine idea what the crime is, if indeed one has been committed, and you do not know what the real question is that bothers you.  You just know that you are bothered, and if you can face it and leave it at that, this adventure will take a whole new turn, with fresh excitement and discoveries galore.

If there was a “Supreme Approach To The Understanding” it would be in the effort  to formulate, for yourself, a true and satisfying premise of the situation in which you are now, with a timely realization that such is not possible, and then – then it will all begin to make perfect, perfect sense for the first time.

Being able to somehow side step thought, and see that the mind does not know, and cannot know that it does not know, IS the knowing.  This sounds tricky and slippery, and you better believe that it is; simple, tricky and slippery, so much so that it is almost impossible to do, but it IS possible, or else the cellular activity in your brain making your reading of these words possible could make no sense at all of them…but if they do, you can’t ever say that your own mind never gave you a fighting chance. 

What more can you ask for?  Grasp the situation, and everything falls into place; understand what your thoughts mean by “the problem” and presto – it is solved.


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