The Big Question

As incomprehensible as it first sounds: if you think you really know what the “problem” is that you are attempting to overcome through activity such as This – you are far from any success.  You are simply mistaken, and it does not matter what exactly you think the problem to be; whatever you think it to be – it is not the problem;  CANNOT be how you or anyone else thinks it to be.

If you can think that “THAT” is the problem, then it most assuredly is not; for if your comprehension of the situation was correct you would no longer be THINKING about, “the problem” you would no longer HAVE “the problem.”  The crime would be solved – the case would be closed.

For one who does not know: unraveling the mystery of how a fuel pump works is doable.  Any crime you can lay your hands on can be solved; any question you can weigh, can be answered, but beyond these clear and readily comprehensible limits, the search men’s minds engage in is –  in truth – an expedition in futility; an entertaining one perhaps, but an exercise is self-fueling, self-referential folly.

When you have thoughts that tell you precisely, “what the problem is,” they deceive you; they ARE the problem.  Your mind cannot honestly analyze the crime — it IS the crime –  and your consciousness cannot lead you into “greater consciousness.”  Your own consciousness is all there is, and it telling you otherwise does nothing but delude.

To those yet without the actual experience, it can all sound like an infinite house of mirrors, (which it is), but the mind is not natively equipped to see the location of this reflective entrapment.  It looks at other people’s ideas, other men’s words, anywhere but at itself.  IT is the infinite house of mirrors; a place to pick up an endless assortment of theories, and suppositions, but not factual knowledge of the crime scene, and the circumstances surrounding the “problem”; the “mystery”;  the “Big Question.


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