More Facts About The Case

More Facts About The Case
The Mystery; The Problem, The Question.

The biggest impediment to unraveling the mystery is in conceiving a premise reflective of the facts.  The precise diagnosis IS the solution; grasping the situation – the only success.

Those studying a detective course, that teaches that man is now in condition X, but through method Red can achieve condition Y, accept this as the correct premise and a statement of the facts, but they are wrong.  (Plug in anything you like to replace, “X, Red, and Y” and it will still be invalid.)

The mind cannot see and accurately describe the circumstances of this case, for the simple reason that the case is entirely about the mind, and the mind is entirely blind to that fact.  The mind can verbally analyze any situation that it cares to isolate from the ultimately inseparable, interconnected entanglement of everything that is reality, and disassemble it into mentally describable components that will instantly support whatever premise it is proposing, but it is not required to objectively track physical reality, only reflect the subjective mental workings of one tiny brain out of a mortal multitude.

The working premise accepted by each person’s ordinary mind regarding any matter is whatever premise works in that person’s pre-established thinking about the matter.  This is how it is, and no comments, criticism, or suggestions will be changing it; this is how thinking works; this is how it is.

                                        See it – get over it, and move on past it.


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