Men with standard issue discriminatory facilities, if they attempt a census of their mental population, conclude that some citizens are more worthy than others, and will readily agree that some in fact are probably ”useless,” and contribute nothing meaningful to the overall well-being-of-the-state.  But such conclusions are native characteristics of stages one and two, and are infallible indicators of a man’s low degree of not knowing.

It is a deluded diagnostician
who detects varying intensities of illness.

In the second stage, men become aware of not only their displeasure with the individual hat on their head, but of the general worthlessness of those being worn by others.  Yet in this stage they still cannot resist, in spite of having glimpsed its futility, bouts of envy and criticism directed at others.  They know that the passing cars their yard dog chases are vehicles no better than their own, yet the beast will still run after them, yapping in various combinations of it imagining it to BE the car mixed with denunciations of its mere existence.

Once a thirsty man knows what saltwater is,
why does he continue to drink it?

If you do not know, and do not know that you do not know – then there is clearly no hope for you.  If you do not know AND know that you do not know BUT do not know what it is that you need to know ABOUT to bring the matter to a head, then you are still not a lot better off.   BUT NOW knowing-about-This is your way out…though few men ever make use of it…even should they hear of it.  What do you make of that?!


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