Still on The Case

Still on the case, into which further looks could be justified.

The 3 Stages Of Not Knowing:

Stage one is where everyone begins, and most people end:  it is the state where you do not know, and you do not know that you do not know.

Stage two must be individually achieved, and though in this condition, you still do not know, now you know that you do not know. 

Stage three is seldom realized.  Oh, men dream of another, and in fact believe that they understand what it would be for, what it would be OBVIOUSLY is a condition where they would finally KNOW.

But, they are mistaken, and thus even if they reach stage two, the efforts they make from there on out, to depart there from, are not directed at the correct target.  Thus, what transpires thereafter cannot come as a surprise.

The routine investigatory mind believes that the proper treatment of motion sickness is added motion; the cure of lack – more, and the solution to overindulgence – even MORE.

Why does a man born wearing a hat dislike spending the rest of his life trying on other peoples?  If you listen to your own hat-wearing-head, it will give a seemingly reasonable response to this question, but in so doing it merely upholds the already established pattern of looking in the wrong direction to ever experience stage three of not knowing.  Those of stage one and two of not knowing want wants, while those who have had flashes of the realization want an escape from useless wants.  Even if they found favor with the idea, people in stages one and two cannot recognize what ARE “useless wants,” (in the non-physical sense – which, you are reminded, is all ever being talked about).


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