The Case

More Tips for Solving The Case:

An investigator’s greatest tool in dealing with the circumstances-of and participants-in the affair is total insincerity.

I remind you that all of this information is being translated into English from a language that is radically unrelated to any in use on this planet, and that the word, “insincerity” as employed is not fully descriptive of the reality it represents, but is the closest available.

Nonetheless, if you are truly interested in getting to the bottom of this affair and you stay alert, and cobra cold, you will most likely get the drift of what’s going on.

The desire of a person who thinks they want to solve the case of being alive, and get theUnderstanding, must be innately sincere, or their efforts are futile.  (Nothing postnatally can affect this; you’re either born with red hair, or you’re not.)

The desire to solve the case IS sincere, but the investigator’s dealings with the participants, and circumstances of it is IN-sincere.

Anything less than this approach is doomed.


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