Life in Disguise

While there continue to be situations where in a people, under physical threat, are forbidden to speak ill of their “Great Leader,” and are strongly encouraged to display public affection, even so, in their private lives they still feel that above noted restriction, quite apart from any prevailing political ones.

This feeling of being forced to live in disguise
is something totally detached from external conditions. 

If two people were dropped on a deserted island, they would both still feel victim of this coercion.  Even in such extraordinarily unstructured circumstances, wherein there is no enforceable law or morality, and no rational expectation of any such law being adhered to, they would yet feel themselves unable to simply and forthrightly be themselves. (This is not a speculation: be honest, and think about it yourself for a second, and you know that it is true.)

Whatever it is that makes people feel that they are being forced to wear a disguise, and that keeps them from being themselves, it is not physical, or overt; and as far as ordinary people are concerned, neither will it ever be correctly identified.  It’s just a feeling…a feeling they learn to live with, (or else get squashed-by, or separated-from the herd).

From one view, the desire for the understanding is a desire to just be yourself.  But the very thing that causes people to feel unable to just be themselves is also the thing responsible for trying to fulfill such desires in humans, and its instinctive approach is one of acquisition.  Its response to any new demand is to seek additional information – information to help plan strategy to meet the demand. 


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