Man Found Laying in Bed

Our lead story for this Tuesday is all of “late breaking,” ancient, and timeless, at least for readers with that certain, highly-specialized, “I’m-still-not-quite-sure-what-it-is” interest.
If you really want to get-to-the-bottom-of-everything, and know the truth about life, you don’t have to leave home to join some exotic organization on the other side of the world, and meditate ten hours a day.  Use what you’ve got now; don’t waste your mornings.  As soon as you wake up, keep laying there and juggle this one thought:  “Who IS it laying here thinking?” “Who is it laying here thinking this?”

You do not have to study the ten-thousand-ancient-manuscripts, nor follow the directions of some present teacher. You don’t have to give up meat, movies, or sex, or change your life in any way, other than as your own subsequent understanding may suggest.

BUT – the kinds of things just noted that you do not have to do, to get the knowledge, are the very kinds of things that people are quite willing to do in such an attempt.  It seems that the more physically specific be the demands – the greater is the attraction. (It’s just the way people are.)

AND – the kind of thing just noted about laying in bed, caressing the one thought: “Who IS it laying here having the thought?” “Who is it laying here having this thought,” is precisely the kind of thing that seriously spooks people’s minds, and shakes the foundations of their sense of a self.


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