A London Night with a Paris Forecast

Consciousness is everything – except when known – then it is fog on a London night; with feeling always the Paris forecast.  You think you live where you’re conscious, but you live where you feel. Phew! What a day! To be in the sun, and then for this to happen…wait, another one is upon us.

Those who say they KNOW – do not know, and those who know more than one thing – do not know, for there is only one thing that can be known – only one thing to know; to know everything. 

Reading one book takes you one step from knowing;
reading two, takes you two steps away,
and listening to three lectures about knowing
moves you three days from the goal,
and entertaining your own thoughts on the matter
positions you a lifetime away from knowing.

You cannot know, and say that you do; you cannot know and even think about your knowing; these facts alone – pursued to exhaustion – would lead to knowing. Those who say they want to know, and who do not take such a course, whistle down a neural road to a roundhouse.

Those who KNOW…know “knowing”; 
there is nothing else to know. 


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