Consciousness is Everything

Okay, here they come:

Consciousness is everything;
conscious IS man.
You are what you think;
you think what you think;
you feel what you feel,
and you also think what you feel.
Feeling is everything;
facts from an angry man are bile;
directions from fearful man are uncertain;
opinions from a porcupine are prickly.

Consciousness is everything; consciousness is whatever temperament is.
Temperament is genes; you are your genes; your consciousness is a child of an X-Y-tango; the temperature of your thought patterns trace your DNA’s dance steps. When you’re hot, your ideas soar, and when you’re chilled, conception shrivels.

Those who KNOW – know thought;
those who KNOW – know feeling;
those who KNOW – know about temperament,
and those who KNOW – know it is their genes
which know.

Knowing is voltage; knowing is hormones; a little potassium, a little sodium, all the same as consciousness – same as feeling, same as looking at a porthole on a rocking ship, and thinking a moving horizon.

An angry man gets THE UNDERSTANDING angrily, and a timid man gets it timidly; those with tall cells accept tall guests, and those with short ones take in their own kind. The squinty-eyed see squintily; the squinty-eyed’s temperament is constricted, and their cellular sight also sees appropriately.


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