What A Day!

People ask me, they say: “Hubert, is spending your life trying to GET THE UNDERSTANDING,a ‘serious’ thing, or not a serious thing?”
And I say to them:  “Do you consider cancer serious?”
And when they say, “Yes,” then I say: “Do you consider you not having, THE UNDERSTANDING serious?”
And when they say, “Yes,” then I say: “Do you figure that what goes on in your mind now is what keeps you from THE UNDERSTANDING?”
And if they say, “Yes,” to this, then I tell them about the specialized diagnosis of thoughts being a viral infection of the brain, and if they pass out from hearing this, I revive ‘em, and Bingo –they’ve got it.

It’s Saturday here at the Mayo-PaNaze Clinic, where a gaggle of the world’s better known, better self-promoted experts in the subject of: “How To Seem To Yourself That You Might Be More Consciously Knowledgeable By Reading –  By Buying My Book Than You Were Before…Though Never As Conscious As ME,” will be presenting a day long series of lectures.
We are assured that each speaker’s comments will be: hard-hitting, eye-opening, insulting to the other speakers, and in all other ways Unbelievable, Marvelous, and mentally Breath-taking! It is nice that you decided to join us here today. (Although little exertion is required…in that  it will all be taking place inside your mind.)


What a day! What a game! What a sport!

Do you take sports seriously?
Do you take neuro-juices seriously?
Do you take emotional memories to be bacteria, and do you wash your mind after shaking mental hands with the contaminated, (which is to say), with the uninvited thoughts trampling thru your brain?

What a day!
The schedule says that in one room will be lectures that are formatted; with a stated, and logically pursued topic, while in another room will be free form commentaries in a less structured form.  Oh, and out by the pool they are expecting the world’s foremost expert in all of this whose name, appearance, and subject matter is not known.  So it’s gonna be like every-man-for-himself to try and recognize him when and if he shows up.  (You haven’t already forgotten that I told you this will all being taking place inside YOUR mind, have you?)


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