The Understanding

To those who don’t know, life is like a jigsaw puzzle that won’t go together right.  To those with THE UNDERSTANDING, life is not like anything except what it is.


Truism Update: 
“No man is an island – every man, a herd.
No man a cow – every man a collection of cows;
a collection of cows will decimate an island.”
Suggestion: de-collect yourself. 


The body has many nerves; many cells; many feelings, and many hungers.
Question: If a single tree falls in a forest, and too many are there to hear it, how will the multitude ever come to any agreement as to the actual sound it made?

It is not uncommon
for those who do not yet KNOW,
to want to be alone;
those who do know –
have no choice.

There is only one way to get THE UNDERSTANDING, and if you do not presently have it, then whatever you are doing to get it, must not be it – huh?


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