The House

One man pondered:  “No one is IN CHARGE of a herd; it is in charge of itself.  I realize that in rational, mental, mortal terms this cannot be so – but how else to explain it? The herd undeniably seems to have a singular life of its own; a collection of many different, individual cows, yet, seen as a whole, the herd itself appears to have an existence indicative of a single, living creature.”  And as he was deeply engrossed in pondering this matter, someone called his name, and he immediately turned his head toward the sound, and instantly forgot about the whole affair.

 Ships plough the seas, but do seas ever say to themselves: “Agh!  I’ve been ploughed!”  Thoughts plough your mind, but do you ever use your mind’s capacity to say to yourself:
”I am being ploughed…what else is new.”

When looking out of the windows in their house, men’s view of the world outside is determined by the activity going on inside. Most people live in a house, full of activity; always busy, always noisy.

Most of the time, most of the activity going on inside a house has no direct relevance to what is going on outside, but most of the time, most of the people in the house tell themselves that it does.  When it is cold outside, they turn up the heat inside; when temperatures rise inside, they see anger without. It all fits! 

It all, by god – fits perfectly! 
Yep, until you go outside yourself, 
and look back at the house.


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