The Herd

Doing This and trying to succeed at doing it is the only thing you can do to make your life acceptable to you.  (Hey, it could be worse; you could have been born with an irrepressible desire to be an accountant.)

Question-Asked-A-Candidate:  “Why does anyone want to be President?” 
Only two possible reasons: you either want to show that you are stronger than everyone else, or that you are smarter than everyone else. 

Now apply this to the, “I KNOW WHAT’S BEST AND I WANNA BE IN CHARGE!” member of your mental family, and ponder its motivation in wanting to make the other thoughts/family members submit to its hand.

Many say they want to make-the-journey, but few ever ask themselves…Why, specifically; “Why?”  The answer to which is the completion OF the journey.

Sitting atop his horse, as he surveyed the animalistic sight spread out before him, a cowboy mused: “No one is IN CHARGE of a herd.  I know that I seem to be, but the weather is as much so as me. Thunder can move the herd much faster than I can, and the aroma of fresh grass from a distant field can keep them moving far past my most vigorous exhortations.  I am not in charge of this herd – that is an illusion, and one which can only be maintained via my own self indulgence in pretending so.


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