The Family

There was once a family who, taken as a whole, was an unruly bunch.  One of them was particularly disturbed by their condition, and one day read that they could be different if someone with his attitude was in charge. 


This member then endeavored to take control of the brood, but with less than full success.  Sometimes he would take center stage, and get everyone else’s attention, and for a moment everything would settle down and be like he thought it should be, but most of the time it was still near chaos, nothing but pointless moving about, and endless, meaningless chatter.

Everyone outside the family took its life to be quite normal, in that their own was similar, but no matter how natural and ordinary the family’s life was accepted to be by everyone else, that one member was never satisfied with its collective life, (even though his view failed to ever prevail).

Note: Although history records him under sundry names, this one figure is always the source of all of man’s metaphysical interests, and his prying around in his consciousness.

Note II:  You know you are in the correct struggle when the automatic opposition to your aim is universal, relentless and overwhelming, and there are no earthly signs to indicate a good chance of success.

Note III:  If this figure is truly a natural member of your natural family, then any questions of opposition, encouragement, or odds against success, are entirely irrelevant.  You do what you must do; you do what “being alive” leaves you no choice but to do.


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