Resistance is ignorance.
 When you have THE UNDERSTANDING — you disappear.

By the way: THE UNDERSTANDING cannot be understood,
and if you do think that you understand it, 
then you do not have it. 
(…Yeah, even more rattiness —  but it can’t be helped.)

There are two distinct foes to getting THE KNOWLEDGE:
“You read my mind,” and: 
“What the hell you talkin’ ’bout?”

Today’s Road Marker: 
Life wants men to be concerned about each other,
and about the future of humanity — but —
     —   SO WHAT?!                      
What’s it to you?

A man who believes he has “accomplished great things”
                      has accomplished nothing
No one takes GETTINGTHE-UNDERSTANDING as seriously as the person trying to get it.
Only those who don’t-know
want to talk about it.


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