What Is This?

Every day, a father would enter the sons’ room and say: “What is this?” 
Day after day, year after year, he would say to him; 
What is this?” — 
until the boy finally got it.

Believing that A KNOWLEDGE exists keeps you from it. 
…(Yeah, it’s ratty —  but that’s how it is.)

Anything that can be explained 
is not part of THE UNDERSTANDING.

A man visited an Exterminator and said:
”There is one question I want answered, and that is: 
why the unbridgeable gap between how 
everyone says life should be and how it actually is; 
can you explain this external contradiction?” 
and after a silence the man said: “Well, 
aren’t you going to answer me: 
can you explain this contradiction?” 
and the Exterminator said: “I just did.” 

 Getting THE UNDERSTANDING is one thing;
 to keep it  — stop chasing rabbits.


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