A Snake’s Course

Don’t waste your life looking for THE KNOWLEDGE without, 
and don’t look for needless entanglements & trouble without  — for indeed, 
that is all you will find from looking out there.

When you try to say what you are, 
what you really are recedes from you.

A son asked a father: “Does the greatest torment in ordinary men’s lives come from their failure to be concerned about THE MATTER?” and he replied:
”What care would you have over Saturday if you had never heard of Saturday, 
or didn’t understand what it is, even if you had?!”

In your brain,
for the cobra sane,
is all you’ll ever need.

To get THE UNDERSTANDING: take a snake’s course; 
a cool disposition, and straight like an arrow.
About The Mechanics Of Getting There:
The method is cold – its execution, torrid.


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