Talk About Talk

Things You Can Count On If You Don’t Care For
The Count You’re Getting From The Referee 
Life Assigned To Your Match: 
(and don’t forget to wear a protective cup both below and on your head —
since I’m prepared to hit an interested man anywhere.)

If you’re thinking about it — you’re on the right track;
if you’re beyond thinking about it –  you’re really cookin’.

One purpose of speech is to warn others, and complaining can be seen as a form thereof. From this view, things that can be criticized as stupid, like preaching about what god wants men to do, can be seen not as stupid, but as valid survival techniques.

From this overall view then, 
the only thing stupid is in not realizing that 
all behavior has at root,
some meaningful purpose.

All talk about art is talk about talk.
Everything said about any aspect of the second reality is just — talk-about-talk.
If you can’t put it in a drawer, then what you’re always talking about is merely — talk-about-talk.


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