The Headless

Only the headless take credit for themselves.  There is in fact, much that only the headless do: predict the future; remember the past; explain their motives, and the purpose of life; criticize, worry, whine amd complain; talk seriously about matters about which they know nothing, which includes all matters that you cannot put in a sack, which are matters that no one can ever know anything about, since mind makes such matters up, and there is nothing TO know about made-up matters.  Well, other than knowing that they are purely made-upoh yeah, and a final thing: just talking about yourself in general.

QUOTE: “Ahh, the headless have ALL the fun!”

 If the goal of This kind of thing is to radically change your mental and emotional habits, then the most efficient approach would be to get right at the root of the matter, and change who you seem to be.  Do not just pretend to think and feel differently; pretend to be a different person entirely, and ergo, your thinking and feeling habits will automatically change with no further effort required.

QUOTE: “Okay, dammit – so it’s NOT my real name – so what –
I’m not my real person either?”


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