Flea Voices

When you take seriously the flea voices speaking to you in your own head, you take on the minute, defensive mentality of a flea, and by so doing you feel continually under attack by undeservedly stronger forces, or worse yet – ignored by them.

 “Hey, elephant!   Look down here at me!” 

When you passively permit this kind of inner monologue to go on in your mind, you diminish, to the point of exhaustion, the possibility of expanding the scope of your consciousness, and finally freeing it to see things simply as they are; elephant things being elephant things, flea things being flea things; a flea’s thing being to lash out at an elephant’s intrinsic strength, and an elephant’s thing to be impassive to such meaningless assaults.

You have in your own brain what amounts to: elephant consciousness, and that of a flea’s.  Fleas will try to kick an elephant in the shins, while elephants will step over fleas, and never have any thoughts about harming them…much less of wanting to show them the error of their flea thinking.

Only the confused lash out; only the confused have anything to lash out about.


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