Knowing What is Going On

The endless and apparently go-nowhere debates, over all manner of non-physical matters in which men forever engage, can easily be sarcastically dismissed or seen for what they really are: Man’s collective and glacial efforts toward a – knowing-what-is-going-on. By the totality of each individual is a continuing collective discussion, of all that they do not know, so as to finally arrive at a knowing.

Whether this day ever comes or not is irrelevant
to a few people who want it this day.

Practical tips on how an anxious person could attack this can be gleaned from my observations regarding the several distinctions between the one in you who knows what is going on, and the one in you who does not – but hungers to.

Consider the three arbitrary, top-of-my head differences I provided regarding: speech vs. silence, satisfiable appetites vs. implacable wants, and selfishness vs. self-encumbrance.

Since the silent one in you knows what is going on, have the speaking one listen to it.
Since the one in you who knows what is going on has appetites that are constantly being satisfied, have the one in you who is never satisfied, and eternally, scrambling-to-know learn from it.
And since the one in you who knows what is going on is naturally self-centered and always looking after your own best physical interests, have the one in you who is still searching for “something” compare what it says it is searching for to what the one in you who knows has already found and finds satisfying.


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