Off in the Distance…

There was once a king who sat in his fine castle, amidst his fine kingdom.  Everything was mostly fine except for one thing; he kept hearing the sounds of disturbance, off in the distance, but none of his couriers could locate the source.

He would hear it; they would go look for it; he would hear it; they could not find it.  The king was not crazy, and they were not lazy, but the source of the disturbing noises could not be found.

Although his couriers were kept busy searching for it, they were never bothered by it; only the king was.  It’s good to be king! 

But it can be a drag being king,
(if you never get the hang of the job.)

There was once a movie company that made quite select films; movies which were in fact so exclusive that they were only shown to an audience of one.

But there was something even more unusual; while they made films for a single viewer, the single viewer also made the company.

No movie – no audience; 
No audience – no movie. 


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