There Once Was…

It’s Sunday; we’re at the beach; the beer’s on ice.  Don’t the thongs look nice! What else could the likes of us be expected to do with our inside-selves, but to open a fresh deck, and deal out a hand of: “There once was…”

There once was a man who found himself with an unruly dog, a situation that bothered him greatly.  He came to be bothered even more by the fact that HE, a thinking, rational human being, could not bring a mere DOG under his control.

After a period of much accusation, his view became that since he was not the creator of the dog, (and thus not responsible for its inherent nature), he should not now expect to be able to alter same, and should not be taking its behavior personally. After all – the dog was the DOG, and he was HIM.

The man, however, found himself eventually confronted with something even more troubling than the original problem he’d had with the dog.  It was the realization that he, the one bothered by the dog, (for whom he was in no way responsible), that he was also not the creator of HIM being bothered by the dog.

”So,” he had to ask himself…“Who is responsible for this ME?” 


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