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In case you haven’t noticed, (I am about to employ theatrical sarcasm “advisedly” in that the obviousness of which I will make note, goes entirely UN-noted by ordinary humanity).  In case you haven’t noticed, life goes on, regardless of what thoughts you or anyone else have about it.

Life does what it does –
Including furnishing you with the thoughts
you have about what it does.

Life WANTS men to think about it; to be concerned for it; to worry about it, to share the pressure of keeping the thing going.  But since it has six billion men on the job, night and day, seven days a week, it can tolerate a person here and there who takes care of personal business on company time.

Life does not need you to PERSONALLY worry about it.  Yeah, I know, this may come as a major bummer, but you gotta face the facts: it demonstratively needs the other six billions cows to fret-about and debate its health and future, but it does not specifically need YOU to do so. (In case you’re interested and can make use of this information).

Trying to KNOW-THE-KNOW and DO-THE-DO.  That is, to figure out mind with your mind and then stand on your own feet, (if you know what I mean),  is like being in a chess game with life; a game that only you and it knows about.  It’s the most fascinating, make-up-the-rules-as-you-gogame of strategy and discovery imaginable.


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