Success and Survival

No matter your individual interests in life, you will indirectly and inescapably assist the human species in its success and survival.  The neural consciousness in the majority of men’s brains is likewise programmed to have this as its exclusive concern.  In a minority, it is not.

When the success of the herd is an overriding, even if unwitting, concern to the individual cow, it experiences a pressure of unimaginable magnitude, and I say, “unimaginable” advisedly, since this is the natural condition for ordinary cattle and none are aware of its specific presence.

Although men do make mention of being under “stress and pressure,” they do so only in the context of some discreetly identifiable ephemeral condition, while never being conscious of an ongoing pressure to succeed that is with them from birth, and is a constant in their life, well outside the normal bounds OF consciousness.

All well and good, for what has been described thus far is simply the normal, though ignored, nature of routine existence.  You do not exist merely for the purpose of YOU, and taking seriously thoughts you have which say otherwise, only confuses you; misdirects your mind to keep those pesky little neurons who want to cmprehend the nature of their activity from getting out of hand.
On this mass cattle drive, individual cow cortices are driven to say: “I am greatly concerned about nuclear waste; world population; the rise in conservatism; the return of the mini skirt,” and cause the bovine medium for the sentiments to accept them as meaningful comments about matters that are of personal significance to that individual cow.


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