The Universal Radio

There is a Universal Radio that plays; everyone hears it; it explains life.  If it is opened up it is found to be empty; absolutely nothing inside it – yet it plays.  Everyone hears it; no one understands it.  That’s why few ever open it up.

Life is so afraid that if men’s hearts ever took a break, that they would never return to work, and thus will not allow hearts to do so.  Jackals will absolutely CHASE their little hearts out, and mostly for no apparent reward.


Taking the past seriously creates two things: history, and personal delusion.
Taking life seriously has two results:  living, and living under needless pressure.

Life is simple; The Knowledge is simple, but few have the dexterity to open up the radio and learn what true simplicity is – emptiness.  That’s what it is:  good, old-fashion, down-to-earth NOTHINGNESS.

Knowing-the-knowledge will make you simple like you can’t presently imagine; but note how little interest your jackal chasing has in this possibility.  (Jackals, in a radio, chasing their imaginary tales.)

Why not look directly at what is going on in your own radio, rather than listening to endless stories about Marconi’s alleged enlightenment.

It’s all right there – and all quite simple.


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